An interesting place

European Language Portofio level: A.2.2.

Target Language: Writing a postcard.

Self assessment description: I can write short, simple notes and
messages. I can write a very simple personal letter, for example thanking someone for something.

Hi Marta,

Two weeks ago I was in Olvera. There is a beautiful green lane in town. They call it this way because it is in a natural evironment. You have plenty of animals and a beautiful forest. I was just walking along this lane, but you can also ride horses or bikes along the lane. The weather was fantastic for the whole weekend, the sun was shining and it Olveradidn’t rain at all.

My favourite place in Olvera is The Alameda Rock, which is a very high rock on top of a mountain. It’s not just that; from there you can see the whole town. There are also many different animals and plants living there.

Cintia and Dani always live there. They are my best friends in town. I recommend you to visit the chairs museum. The best thing about it is that you can enter for free. From time to time, they also exhibit local arts and crafts samples.

In Olvera you can eat many different types of typical pork meat products. I think they are delicious!

I promise to send you another one soon, or please, write to me yourself, I’m really wishing to have more news from you!


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Monuments Men

Level: B1.1

Target Language: Review on a film of book essay. Linking words: contrast, addition, purpouse and reason. Words like: cast, perform, star, direct, rehearse, plot, setting.

The last film I watch on a movie theatre was Monuments Men. It is a nicely made film based on a real story. This time the film has been directed by a veteran and experienced actor George Clooney.

Apparently, when the Nazis were on their way towards the conquest of Europe, they were getting hold of as many works of art as they could. Worried as they were, the American army organized a rescue squad to try and find where they were taking or hiding all these paintings and sculptures.

Both George Clooney and Cate Blanchett play magnificent roles in this film and part of the film’s success lies in the strength of the supporting cast, which includes Bill Murray, Matt Damon and John Goodman among other well reputed actors and actresses.

Even though I confess I still did not read the book on which the whole story is based, I can assert that the weakest point in the film is how the plot is developed as, at some point I had the feeling I did not know where or when things were happening. On the other hand, it is doubtless that having the opportunity to watch a film with such an breathtaking cast is always worth your time and money.

In my opinion it is a very well made film, which will soon become a landmark in history of film making for several reasons: to start with, because it fetures the historial setting in a magnificent way and also because, in ispite of being an American film  it tends to be faithful to the real story without being too patriotic.

I do strongly recommend you to watch this film, it is definitely worth seeing.

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My favourite restaurant

Level: A2.1 (approx. 120 words)

Target language: food, simple present and daily habits.

Casa AnitaMy favourite restaurant is Casa Anita. It’s in the outskirts of Malaga, in a neighbourhood called La Palmilla. It’s a traditional Spanish food restaurant.

Its main dishes are bull’s tail stew, gazpachuelo (a white soup made with mayonnaise sauce) and callos.

As a dessert, you can have ice cream, rice pudding or flan. I recommend you to go there and have your lunch. Remember this: we have lunch between two and three in the afternoon in Spain.

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How to make a table

Level A2. (approx. 150 words.)

Target language: The passive voice both in the present and the past tenses. Linking words indicating time like: first, then, after that, next and finally.

A table is a very useful furniture item used for a very wide range of human activities like studying or eating. They are made of many different materials like wood, iron or steel. They usually consist of a board on top and four legs.

If you want to make your own table, the following instructions have to be read carefully:

First, your table is drawn on paper. Be careful, because the room must be masured before the design is made. The table might be too wide or small and it would not fit into the room once it’s finished. It would be a terrible mistake.

Next, the different parts are chosen and bought in the appropriate shops. After that screws, nails and bolts can all be used in the assembly of the components. In order to keep a better balance, some glue is also used; this way, the different parts are tightly fixed.

Finally, our table is decorated and painted with good quality paint. Don’t get frustrated if your goal isn’t reached the first time you try. Practice makes perfect.

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How’s a table made?

Does it sound like passive voice? I still did not have the time to write an example for my four year students, but please have a look onto this first.

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