Snow White / Blancanieves

  1. The hunter found himself unable to kill her . And warned Snow White never to retun to the palace .
  2. Sore and alone , she started walking thought the forest .
  3. Three little birds led her throught the forest flying around and pulling her dress .
  4. Until she came across a tiny cottage . She knoaked on the door but no-one answered .

Traduction / Traducción

  1. El cazador se vió incapaz de matarla . Y advirtió a Blancanieves de que nunca volviera a palacio .
  2. Dolorida y sola , ella comenzó a caminar y a caminar hacia el bosque .
  3. Tres pequeños pajaritos la llevarón a través del bosque volando alrrededor de ella y tirando de su vestido .
  4. Hasta que encontró una pequeña casita de campo . Ella tocó la puerta varias veces pero nadie abrió la puerta .

E . M . R . 1ºF


About José Juan Herrerías

I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain. I work at a secondary school. I really enjoy learning and teaching English. One of the best ways of doing so, is reading and writing. Express myself through the books I read.
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One Response to Snow White / Blancanieves

  1. Well done! fantastic!


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