Monuments Men

Level: B1.1

Target Language: Review on a film of book essay. Linking words: contrast, addition, purpouse and reason. Words like: cast, perform, star, direct, rehearse, plot, setting.

The last film I watch on a movie theatre was Monuments Men. It is a nicely made film based on a real story. This time the film has been directed by a veteran and experienced actor George Clooney.

Apparently, when the Nazis were on their way towards the conquest of Europe, they were getting hold of as many works of art as they could. Worried as they were, the American army organized a rescue squad to try and find where they were taking or hiding all these paintings and sculptures.

Both George Clooney and Cate Blanchett play magnificent roles in this film and part of the film’s success lies in the strength of the supporting cast, which includes Bill Murray, Matt Damon and John Goodman among other well reputed actors and actresses.

Even though I confess I still did not read the book on which the whole story is based, I can assert that the weakest point in the film is how the plot is developed as, at some point I had the feeling I did not know where or when things were happening. On the other hand, it is doubtless that having the opportunity to watch a film with such an breathtaking cast is always worth your time and money.

In my opinion it is a very well made film, which will soon become a landmark in history of film making for several reasons: to start with, because it fetures the historial setting in a magnificent way and also because, in ispite of being an American film  it tends to be faithful to the real story without being too patriotic.

I do strongly recommend you to watch this film, it is definitely worth seeing.


About José Juan Herrerías

I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain. I work at a secondary school. I really enjoy learning and teaching English. One of the best ways of doing so, is reading and writing. Express myself through the books I read.
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