Zombie Island

Level: A 2.2

Target Language: Review on a film of book essay.

The last book I have read is Zombie Island. If you are a zombie junkie and a real fan of terror stories and movies, this is going to be one of your favourite books.

Most of the story is set in New York. More particularly in Manhattan, where more than million hungry walking dead oppose a desperate band of survivors in is what is going to be their last quest for survival. The story goes that after a worldwide epidemy, only some African countries away from technology, survive to complete disaster.

Only by chance, one of NATO’s weapons expert is in Africa at that time. The survival of Nigeria depends entirely on their leader, who is actually infected with AIDS. Of course she will need some medicines and then they rely on the NATO guy to go and take them from the NATO building in NY.

On their way to find these medicines a group of teenage girl Nigerian soldiers and the guy himself get through an endless number of unpleasant encounters with zombies, mummies, intelligent monsters and hundreds of unbelievable risks.

I had a real good time reading the story, 316 pages full of risk and adventure within a fantastic location that makes you think what the world would be like without human beings around.


About José Juan Herrerías

I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain. I work at a secondary school. I really enjoy learning and teaching English. One of the best ways of doing so, is reading and writing. Express myself through the books I read.
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