Ebola outburst

Europen Portfolio Level: A.2.2 or B1

Textural type: News Report

As Dan Brown asserts on his latests bestseller “if AIDS was an airborne disease, human beings would have been on the brink of extinction”. This is what US and European authorities are most scared about right now.

Unfortunately for Spain, at least one case of Ebola contamination has recently been listed there. Apparently, both misinformation and a slight failure on security protocols might have triggered this dreadful case. The first individual to be infected was a nurse who attended a priest at hospital.

According to our sources, she is now on her lane to full recovery and she will expectfully be safe and sound within the next couple of months. Doctors are dealing with some misfunction on her lungs and liver.

Hopefully, this was just one more temporary encounter with communicable diseases. It was more a moral dilemma though, rather than a health problem. There have been mutual accusations between goverment representatives and the nurse herself and her husband. Some had to apologize.


About José Juan Herrerías

I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain. I work at a secondary school. I really enjoy learning and teaching English. One of the best ways of doing so, is reading and writing. Express myself through the books I read.
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