Cold Mountain

I am writing this review for several reasons: I fell in love with the movie when I first watched it on TV. My mum had already spoken to me about the film and she said that it was lovely. When I went to Oxford in 2013, I found the book. It was a bargain. Apparently the shop, whose name was “The Works” was in the process of closing down and I bought a dinossaurs book for my son and a copy of Cold Mountain.

I have started reading it several times, but the vocabulary was too difficult. I found there were too many local expressions and idioms and words related to nature that I could not understand. I found a reduced version though. 74 pages instead of more than 300, and I have eventually gone through the whole story.

I like this book because it contains all the central elements of what anyone could call a great story. Romance, of course: I have never come across such a healthy and sane love story. The main characters genuinely loved each other. There’s also action and war passages that take you back to this brutal and astonishingly cruel period of American history. we also find the topic of the journey, a common place in Western Literature. – Remember that there was also a journey in Don Quixote, Huckleberry Finn, The Odyssey and son on. -. Destiny and fate establish a very strong link among the characters, their experiences and lifetime anecdotes. The very end of the book is a clear example that somehow, everything was written from the very beginning and future events depend all on this particular and specific journey.

Music is also one of the most interesting issues both in the film and in the book. I listened to some videos on youtube with some traditional American music and I have to to say that I was simply taken aback and even stunned by the beauty of those songs. There are plenty of those on Internet: chores, guitars and soft voices are the main features of those traditional songs.

All in all, I strongly recommend both the book and the film. It is definitely worth the while  spending a few hours with them. It makes you sad at times though.

I hope that you liked my review.


About José Juan Herrerías

I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain. I work at a secondary school. I really enjoy learning and teaching English. One of the best ways of doing so, is reading and writing. Express myself through the books I read.
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