learning with videos

Of course we are living in a much more audiovisual society than it used to be. We can choose the language in which we want to watch films on TV any time and we can pick out any content we are interested to from the Internet. Needless to say, these new devices and information sources make knowledge accessible everywhere and at literally any time.

Many people ask me how they can improve their English. Most of these people are around my age because and, in my opinion, even though they are technology consumers, they don’t seem to understand the almost infinite possibilities their devices can offer. Not to say the very narrow relationship between English and information technologies.

As a matter of fact, information and communication technologies have been a breakthrough in the way we learn languages. It has been an enormous advantage in terms of motivation, for example and obviously we learn languages faster while we are enjoying the learning process.

I have found three sites frESL Videoom where we can improve our English and also have an amusing experience. These three websites take advantage of the massive amount of videos anyone can access on the web but in three quite different ways:

ESL video is a stunning site. You can choose to watch different video chunks on differnt topics which have already been arranged by level or, alternatively, you can look for any topic yourself with the help of Google as a searching engine. After watching each video you can sort out a quiz to check your comprehension. Internet users and the web community members make these quizzes and , as a member, any user can make his/her own quiz.English Yappr

English yappr is another dazzling site. His founder set up the site becuase he claimed to have learnt English by watching videos. It’s a fantastic experience because you can read the script while you are watching the videos. Videos have also been arraged by topic but not by level. The only drawback is you have to sign up before having full access to all the range of facilities on the site.

This is definitely the best one if you are a Hollywood fan. Among other facilities, Speechyard offers you the possibility to watch English subtitled clips picked out straight from very famous or classic films. It’s really appealing if you think of it: We watch most Hollywood films in a dubbed version in Spain and this way you can identify the actors and actresses with their genuine voices.

Speech YardThat’s all for now, folks. I hope learning English is seriously among your New Year’s resolutions.


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