I have been struggling to master computers for a few years now. I was really wishing to take advantage of my love for language teaching and learning to spread knowledge and experiences through the Internet. There was a major difficulty though. Definitely my own fault. I was not focused on what the actual topic of my blog should be. I gathered anything could fit in: experiences, anecdotes, the account of my journeys abroad, book reviews, films, education laws or even already designed didactic units.

There are too many of those cramming on the web and it was too much work for only one person. Therefore, the outcome is a more intimate and insightful blog to account for my favourite readings. I don’t care about the audience. Income, statistics or number of readers have never been the issues. I was naïve enough to think that by the mere fact of sharing information, the rest of the people, particularly my students, would become interested immediately afterwards. I’ve kept previous posts though, just in case.

When I was very young I thought I would become a famous poet. These days are gone now and, in a more humble manner, I’d like to enjoy the facilities of a technological world  that allows me to have my own corner. Would you happen to run into my blog, please feel free to stay for a while or go as though you were having a calm and relaxing conversation with me.


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