Passengers’ review

This definetely a sci-fi story of a spacecraft heading for a far away planet. Apparently, the one hundred and twenty year flight at half light speed, takes five thosand passengers and a crew of over two hundred to a place which, in a subtle metaphor of the New World, resembles the early days of America. In an atempt to colonise a planet called Hamstead II, and due to some technical failure, two of the passengers awake from a life suspended sleep that should have taken the whole time span of the journey and thus, they end up coming round eighty eight years earlier.
The movie with the outstanding performance of Jeniffer Lawrence, who stars the main character in a futuristic but logically well organised film, convincing script and special effects, shows a deep insight into human feelings and relationships. The movie is somehow, a research on the pros and cons of extraterrestial voyages in terms of human psychological endurance, use of artificial intelligence and time and space limits.

Needless to say I’m really keen on sci-fi films but this one is thrilling and exiciting and it also tells a genuine romantic story. I watched the movie with the original soundtrack in English with the Spanish subtitles. When I became quite hard to understand I simply read the script under the screen. That was only yesterday in the afternoon and I think it was an awsome film.

You can follow this link below and check out what film I was talking about.

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The Element

The Element is one of the best, not to say the best essay I have ever read. As a teacher who tries his best and elbows his way through the daily difficulties of everyday teaching, I do really appreciate what I learned from this book.

It makes you think about all school methods and approaches in a way that you hesitate whether the ways you have been taught and you try to teach others are appropriate.

Is it questionable? Yes, indeed, because our societies are dramatically changing. As the author asserts, we are preparing our students for professions that probably still don’t exist. The use of computers and new technologies is also changing the ways young people get their access to knowledge.

How does he do that? In a very amusing and entertaining way, I’d say.  He presents examples of people who became famous, each in their specific fields, but they had been turned down or looked down on by school or colleges.

In my opinion, this essay turns up-side-down the whole phylosophy of education in our days. Our politicians and education representatives should bear in mind Mr. Robinson’s ideas so that our education systems keep working in an effective and satisfactory way.

I strongly recommend everyone to read this book, particularly if the reader is a person related to education.

The Element presentation on Youtube




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The Martian

Reading The Martian has really been an unforgettable experience. The story set in Planet Mars at some point in the near future. Would would you do if someone proposed you to be among the first explorers to reach Mars? This is what I sometimes tell my son it might happen to his own descendants. What if you got stranded there for a long period of time? You ought to be a genious to survive in such a place with a limited set of food, air and water.

I would not spoil the end of the story because, of course I strongly recommend anyone to read the book. To be sincere I haven’t watched the film yet, but I am not really looking forwards to it. I want to keep it the way I imagined it is supposed to come about.

The main character tells us the story as though he was recording messages in a digital diary. He is struggling to survive and looking for solutions to any survival issues that might arise. It reminds me of other adventure novels like Robinson Crusoe , Huckelberry Finn or Don Quixote as the main character has to tackle with the inconveniences of a very long and dangerous journey.

Is is relevant what we say or think if other people are not listening? Is is important what we say or think when our own survival is at risk? These are some o the phylosophical topics this book comes up with and indeed, it makes you feel responsible for your own thoughts, opinions and actions.

It took me about a month or so to read the book: between May and June 2016. I read it on my Sony digital reader and I bought my copy on Google Books. This is no longer the old experience, is it?



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Cold Mountain

I am writing this review for several reasons: I fell in love with the movie when I first watched it on TV. My mum had already spoken to me about the film and she said that it was lovely. When I went to Oxford in 2013, I found the book. It was a bargain. Apparently the shop, whose name was “The Works” was in the process of closing down and I bought a dinossaurs book for my son and a copy of Cold Mountain.

I have started reading it several times, but the vocabulary was too difficult. I found there were too many local expressions and idioms and words related to nature that I could not understand. I found a reduced version though. 74 pages instead of more than 300, and I have eventually gone through the whole story.

I like this book because it contains all the central elements of what anyone could call a great story. Romance, of course: I have never come across such a healthy and sane love story. The main characters genuinely loved each other. There’s also action and war passages that take you back to this brutal and astonishingly cruel period of American history. we also find the topic of the journey, a common place in Western Literature. – Remember that there was also a journey in Don Quixote, Huckleberry Finn, The Odyssey and son on. -. Destiny and fate establish a very strong link among the characters, their experiences and lifetime anecdotes. The very end of the book is a clear example that somehow, everything was written from the very beginning and future events depend all on this particular and specific journey.

Music is also one of the most interesting issues both in the film and in the book. I listened to some videos on youtube with some traditional American music and I have to to say that I was simply taken aback and even stunned by the beauty of those songs. There are plenty of those on Internet: chores, guitars and soft voices are the main features of those traditional songs.

All in all, I strongly recommend both the book and the film. It is definitely worth the while  spending a few hours with them. It makes you sad at times though.

I hope that you liked my review.

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The fall of giants

It’s the second time I read this book. Or…, not really! I received a translated copy as a Christmas present about three years ago.

I mean…, maybe, you expected me to write about the plot or the novel or characters and so on, but actually, if you think of it, there are hundreds of essays and reviews of the kind cramming on the Internet. Istead, what I consider really relevant is how I read this book.

I’ve learned most of what I know from books, magazines or any other kind of paper manufactured objects: leaflets, newspapers, etc. In fact, I write my posts on a piece of paper before I actually publish them on the Internet. I keep hundreds of books in a shelf but a time goes on, I consider this to be more and more useless.

I have read The fall of giants both from my ebook and my android tablet. Either way is fantastic. More than a thousand books fit into my e-reader and the number of available  and/or accessible books is almost endless.

About the book: it was awesome. Is was amusing, interesting, easy to read, well organised. I really had a good time reading it.

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